The biggest "fake news" survey has been released.


So some turd hefer at Business Insider decided to list the favorite fast-food joint in each state. Nice thought, but in the old days people would actually check what the most popular is, and not just guess.

You might ask how I know that they didn't check any facts. Well I don't, but the simple fact that they said that In-&-Out Burger is the most popular in Texas pretty much flushes any credibility they had down turd hefers' toilet.

In-&-Out more popular than Whataburger in Texas? Crack is Whack!

It seemed that the writer was trying to get some free Chick-fil-A as well since they were overwhelming the overall favorite across the country. Pretty sure they're more popular in Texas than In & Out Burger as well.

The rag says they used data from Foursquare to pick out the most popular chains in each state. They would've been more accurate if they just called a fat person in each state.

Do the math. In & Out 35 stores in Texas. Whataburger, just shy of 200.

If there's an ounce of truth to any of this survey, then one of the seals that will release Hell on Earth has surely be shattered and Lucifer is a little closer to having his own Whataburger meal.

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