Carrie Underwood is very committed to fitness, and has the numbers to prove it. The star recently explained how she's used up to three watches to track her movements. These days she's down to two, but they're working overtime.

“The worst is when I have to take them off during stuff," Underwood says. "I’m like, ‘I’m gonna lose my steps!’ I’ll make other people wear them if I’m on set some place.”

The watch on her left wrist in the video above is an Apple watch, while the other is her Fitbit. She's been Fitbitting for about two years, she says, and she loves it. The information helps ensure she's leading a 100 percent healthy lifestyle. Of course, it also helps her maintain the best legs in country music.

“I like knowing how many steps I took and how many stairs I climbed and all that stuff," the "Smoke Break" singer shares.

“I’ll get on the phone and I’ll walk around the entire time I’m on the phone.”

Underwood talked to Taste of Country prior to the release of her new Storyteller album, in stores and online now. Video highlights from the conversation can be seen below.

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