Over Labor Day weekend, two teens had some fun with Carrie Underwood's 'Jesus Take the Wheel.' In a video posted to Vine, one finds a young man driving a car with the song from 2005 cranked to 10. And then ... well, it's best if you watch for yourself. 

While the teen is driving slowly through a parking lot, it's not clear how Jesus hides and then enters the car. Does he lean around from the backseat? Is he on a scooter alongside the car? Did Jesus really resurrect and take the wheel of this Nissan? These are the questions the Taste of Country staff are sure to be batting around the rest of the day.

This video -- posted by Vine user Nick Pasquale -- showed up as a GIF on Reddit's GIFs subreddit on Tuesday night (Sept. 3) and has remained on the front page since, with over 2,300 upvotes. The full Vine video was shared in the comments section.

Underwood is also a regular user of Vine, recently posting a video of husband Mike Fisher's encounter with a chipmunk. She hasn't commented on this remake of her song just yet.