Thanks to Mike Fisher we now know that even if you marry one of the best singers in country music it still won't make you a great singer! Mike Fisher and his friend Austin Casslemen have started a new hunting line apparel Catchin' Deers. How do you promote a new business? You make a hilarious video that goes viral! The song is about hunting, and Mike Fisher is driving around in a truck, out in a field, rocking his new Catchin' Deers apparel. You are used to hearing "Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats," Fisher's parody is, "Maybe next time she'll think before she bleats." You know that noise some female deer make when it's time to mate? Yup, this is a one of a kind deer lovemaking song! Watch the hilarious parody below!

Luckily for Mike Fisher, he didn't have to go through his wife who doesn't enjoy hunting for approval to use her song. Since she didn't write the song, the songwriters thought it was hilarious and gave Fisher the go-ahead. Hopefully, after this hilarious parody, Mike Fisher leaves the singing to his beautiful talented wife, Carrie Underwood!

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