If it works, it works.

On tonight's (Dec. 17) episode of 'The Voice,' which was the first night of a two-evening season finale, Team Blake Shelton singer Cassadee Pope reprised her version of Miranda Lambert's 'Over You,' which was her strongest performance of the season.

The first time around, it shot to No. 1 on the iTunes chart the next day, since it was such an emotional rendering of a beautiful ballad.

Since Shelton co-wrote the song with his wife about his late brother, having one of his team members perform it not once, but twice was extra poignant for him.

Pope looked like a beauty queen in a sparkly gown, which Christina Aguilera complimented her on.

Pope's best work comes in the form of pop-country songs, since her voice is one that can tell a story effectively. That's what the country genre is known for, and she embodies it.

Coach Adam Levine praised Pope for the fact that she has developed her voice as an instrument throughout the course of the season. He pretty much told her she's flawless.

Shelton heaped the praise on Pope, as well, saying, "You know how I feel about that song and you singing it. It's perfect. Watching the song always seems to be appropriate."

Shelton also made mention of last week's tragic school shooting in Connecticut, which left almost 30 dead, most of them young children, saying, "America's heart is heavy right now and the song is about healing. Removing me and you from it, it was a great moment. It starts the healing process. It's was music does and can do. You amaze me."

All true things!