Yes, Texas has a coastline, which means it has lighthouses.

The Point Isabel Lighthouse was built of brick from New Orleans. I don't know if that means that when the light shines on you, you're required to show your breasts, but I hope so. It has a 16-mile range, so that's a lot of boobies. That range also helped guide ships into the harbor and to the Rio Grande.

The lighthouse sits on the former grounds of Fort Polk. Which was the outpost Zachary Taylor and his men created during the Mexican/American War in 1846.

It went dark in 1905. The state was given the lighthouse in 1950 and restored it to its former shining glory. It's always been a tourist attraction, as every lighthouse should be, but the Point Isabel Lighthouse is completely open to the public. If you dare climb the winding staircase you could get a heck of a good view of all the boobies at South Padre Island.

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