Lauren O'Brien's celebrity impressions while stuck in traffic are hilarious. She's got range, costumes, and music. It's a must watch.

Here's a list of the impressions that she does, and my comments on each.

Drew Barrymore - nailed it
Ellen DeGeneres - almsost nailed it
Sofia Vergara - not quite, but still funny
Lois Griffin from Family Guy - awesome
The Olsen Twins - both of them, Ha!
Katie Holmes - eh
Miley Cyrus - check out that costume...
Kim Kardashian - dead on
Mindy Kaling - nailed it
Kristen Stewart - no talking necessary just hair everywhre
Lena Dunham - Is she naked? I'm confused
Anne Hathaway - Is she singing Les Mis?
Taylor Swift - nailed it - reacting to her own music
Angelina Jolie - somber