Going to work with Dad! It's a part of growing up. I can remember all the trips to the Fire Department with my Dad back in Winnetka, Illinois. Climbing on the Fire Engines, sliding down the fire pole, it was fun times!

Our friend Marianne sent us a video of her little man going to work with his Dad. Her son is the one driving the golf cart. He manages to back into Dad's truck right in front of the security camera. Oh No!

Like a good sport, she shared it with us for a laugh. The boys are obviously horrified at what they've done. You can see the young man throw his hat to the ground in distress. It reminds me of when Ralphie is helping his dad change a tire in the movie "A Christmas Story". The Oh Fudge moment!

We are told that at the end of the video, our helpers drove strait to Dad's office and told him what happened. BJ Ward figured his son was kidding and said something close to "It's ok Son, accidents happen". He later found out the story was real. His son reminded him "Remember I told you about it and you said accidents happen?"

Always love seeing video's submitted from the US 105 Nation. Thanks for sharing your family with ours! You can always submit online at US105fm.com.

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