US News and World Report released a study earlier in the week that has some Bell County residents scratching their heads.

Their study highlights the "125 Best Places to Live" and ranks Killeen, Texas at number 90 on the list. This has many in Bell County asking if the folks at US News and World Report have ever actually been to Killeen. Let's take a look at some of our listeners' reactions to this story about living in Killeen in the video below.

Should it really be so one-sided? Our listeners say YES!

While these comments can be funny at times, US 105 understands lots of people are hard at work trying to make Killeen a better place. It's those initiatives that have the city showing up on these lists even though it may seem there might be more bad news than good. It's always easier to complain.

Here is a link in the button below to a press release from the City of Killeen pointing out their status in the US News and World Report.

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