As the world becomes more digital encompassing, companies are incorporating new ways to connect with the population. While most are targeting to help people, there are others that seem to good to be true. Some end up to be a prank of some kind, and others end up being something much less fun.

Scams are things that sadly that happen. We all know what the main goal of a scam is: to get your personal info. Some unfortunately, fool people into giving out their info.

While this happens, we can warn each other of potential scams

According the the Palestine-Herald Press, the Better Business Bureau has alerted residents of Central Texas to one of these unfortunate moments. The President and CEO of the BBB in Central East Texas, Mechele Agbayani Mills, stated about it:

“As inflation and interest rates continue to rise, many of us are on high alert for ways to save money.” She continued on, “It’s important to be knowledgeable about scammer tactics and not to act impulsively, particularly when a deal sounds too good to be true.”

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What is the scam we should be looking out for?

The Palestine-Herald Press stated that the scam can appear in many forms: email, a post on social media, or taking a survey. Whatever form it takes, it will then tell you that you have won a gas station gift card worth $500. After stating you've won, they'll ask you to pay a fee for the card to be sent to you, and ask for personal details.

Currently the company being spoofed is Shell, but the BBB is warning many that the scammers may try to use other companies to keep the scam going.

Don't do it! The BBB has tips to avoid these types of scams

First, the BBB says that if asks you to pay any type of fee, it should automatically warn you that it's a potential scam. While some companies sometimes do big giveaways, it's still important to make sure that it actually is a true giveaway. Checking the company's website is a good indicator if it's a real giveaway.

Last thing the BBB encourages everyone do is not act without thinking. Look before you leap as they say! Be sure to report a scam like this if you ever come across it.

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