Mother Nature can sometimes be a cruel mistress can't she be? We've discussed in the past when Texans decide to say something to her, and normally it does not go the way they want. But most of the time, we receive advance notice of the plans Mother Nature has for us, so we can plan for the future weather.

We are of course referencing the weather forecast. Now sometimes the forecast is incorrect because as we've stated previously, no one can control mother nature. But in the case of freezing temperatures, it is always better to be safe than sorry. For incoming cold weather, Central Texas is preparing to make sure that roads in the area are safe for travel.

For those in Bell, McLennan, and other counties, roads in the coming days will be treated for potential freezes.

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Roads In Central Texas Prepared For Colder Weather

KCEN reports that TxDOT will prepare various roadways in the area.  A brine solution will be placed on State and U.S highways, as well as multiple overpasses and bridges on I-14 and I-35. According to forecasts, temps are set to stay above freezing, but weather is certainly unpredictable.

So thankfully we aren't set for any conditions like the February Blizzard, but it's still good that precautions are being taken. But here's now the main things everyone must be aware of while driving in bad weather...remember to use those blinkers so everyone knows where you're going!!!

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