If you take a two hour drive south towards Wimberley, TX, you'll eventually come across a force of nature that is equally beautiful as it is dangerous. Jacob's Well is an everlasting spring that feeds Cypress Creek with thousands of gallons of water surging to the surface every minute.

Said to have been discovered in the 1850s, the watering hole was a gathering destination for Native Americans tribes and early settlers is now a place for adventurers.

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According to the Associated Press, at least nine people have died in an attempt to either dive into the small pool or explore the massive cave system below. Even with oxygen tanks, these people become disoriented and can't find their way back to the surface.

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Despite the dangers, people have taken their chances and here's what we know:

    • The first chamber is a straight drop about 30 feet below surface level


  • it then angles down to 55 feet - you can see rays of light as well as  some wildlife and algae.



  • The second chamber becomes a long funnel, which measures 80-feet deep.



  • Once you're at the end of that, you will encounter a small opening to the third chamber.



  • There is a false chimney, which looks like the way out. However it is not and it is known one diver got trapped there.



  • Through the third chamber, you come across unstable gravel and if you can traverse through it, you'll find the the fourth chamber.



  • The fourth chamber, called the "virgin cave" has been seen by very few.




It's a great summertime spot with cool water, beautiful scenery and an awesome rock to jump off into the pool. Just be careful and make sure your family and friends are aware of the inherent dangers.