The challenge is to set a new world's record for the most people ever in one place dressed up as Chuck Norris! The Chuck Norris 5K is coming up in College Station, Texas! 

So each participant will get a custom Chuck Norris t-shirt, a fake beard, and a "sweet" belt buckle in order to create the new record. The inaugural 5K is coming May 4th.

Now, what about the real Chuck Norris? He will totally be there waiting for you to cross the 5K finish line! Norris will meet and greet fans who finish the race and attempt to set the new "record" for most people dressed as Chuck Norris. Now, the race organizers will make you sign a disclaimer that says they are not responsible for any injuries you may receive from any celebratory high-fives from the Chuckster at the finish line.

No pets will be allowed in the race, but the 5K is open to just about all ages. Prizes will go out for best male and female Norris costumes, and even a prize for best kid Norris. After the race, the organizers will invite everyone to the Norris after party that will feature Chuck's favorite eats, brews, music, face-painting, and bounce houses.

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