It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has made the past year and a half rough on artists. Thanks to Chris Young, though, life for two Nashville musicians just got a little easier.

TikTok user Lexy Burke (aka, @lexylately) uses her 1.6 million followers as a force for good: She solicits “spare change,” which she then passes on as large surprise tips for those in the service industry. Young recently joined her for one of her do-good adventures, in which they tossed $2,000 in a tip jar for two musicians playing in downtown Nashville.

"I've been blessed so much in my career," Young shares at the start of the video. "We're going to go find somebody playing some music and bless them today."

“Do you guys know any Chris Young by chance?” Burke asks after she drops the money in the jar. "He's, like, my favorite artist."

Before the two performers — still stunned by the generous tip — get a chance to respond, Young himself walks up and hands over another $1,000, matching Burke’s tip. He then steps onstage and treats the crowd to a rendition of his recent hit single “Famous Friends.”

“Y'all stick around and listen to these guys play some country music,” says Young after he finishes the song, “This is what it's all about being here in Nashville.”

Young seemed genuinely excited for the chance to give back to the Nashville country music community. “Loved that @lexylately has been paying it forward. Had to join her for one of these,” he writes in the caption of the video.

Burke herself has some knowledge of what it's like to be a musician in Nashville: She's married to country singer Austin Burke.

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