Proof the end of the world is close at hand. Jungle Gyms inside the movie theater.

Simple Most is reporting that the concept was created in Mexico, and it's crossing the border. (Insert your own border joke here).

Yes, a jungle gym inside the theater for hyper-active spoiled children to play on while their selfish parents watch a movie.

Cinepolis is the culprit that started this "Seal" breaking concept. They're opening a "Cinepolis Junior" in Southern California (might explain the fires), and plan on opening locations in Dallas, Dayton Ohio, and Orange County Florida.

Not only do the kids get a gym to play on, they also get special seats. Including big bean bags. Take a moment and imagine the urine stained bean bags your kids could be playing on very soon. Will there be disinfectant showers offered after the movie ends? We can only hope.

Just as long as they keep the kids in the kid theaters, then everything will be fine.

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