A strange set of circumstances surrounds Texas Woman's University this weekend as the school's head Volleyball coach has resigned, just as 8 of her players have been admitted to the hospital for a muscular condition. 

The Denton Record-Chronicle reported Coach Shelly Barerbee resigned from her position Friday with a written statement that said her choice to leave TWU was "in no way related to student-athlete's hospitalization".

Last week also saw 8 of Barerbee's players admitted to area hospitals for a condition known as rhabdomyolysis. The condition causes the breakdown of muscle tissue and releases harmful proteins into a persons bloodstream.

TWU's Vice President of Student Life Monica Mendez-Grant said, "Although the investigation remains underway, Texas Woman's University's initial belief is that overexertion coupled with dehydration during practices last week caused these student-athletes to experience rhabdomyolysis". This statement was published on the school's website.

The School plans on releasing a full report in the next 90 days. 7 of the 8 students have since been released from the hospital but have not been cleared to return to the team.