Merry Christmas, y'all.

Late last Thursday (Sept. 5) Cody Jinks dropped a surprise new song online. And our collective worlds were shook. Where the hell? The internet sleuths took up the case, and rumblings of a double album from Jinks began to be theorized about the world 'round.

If you missed it last week, his new song "Same Kind of Crazy As Me," set folks into a frenzy. It wasn't on the track listing for his known new album After The Fire, so of course we all wanted to know where did it come from?

Well, now we can confirm that Jinks will be releasing TWO new albums in October. Count 'em ONE,TWO new albums.

You may recall that in August Jinks revealed the official album artwork, track listing, and he locked in the release date for his new album, After The Fire (October 11th). Now, it and the second surprise second album The Wanting (October 18th) are both available for preorder on Jinks' website. Get your pre-order on right here.

Well played, Jinksy.

Oh and if this isn't enough, Jinks says he's going back to the studio in December:

After The Fire track listing (Oct. 11th):

After The Fire
Ain’t A Train
Yesterday Again
Tell Em What It’s Like
Think Like You Think
William and Wanda
One Good Decision
Dreamed With One
Someone To You
Tonedeaf Boogie

The Wanting (October 18th)

1. The Wanting
2. Same Kind of Crazy as Me
3. Never Alone Always Lonely
4. Whiskey
5. Where Even Angels Fear to Fly
6. Which One I Feed
7. A Bite of Something Sweet
8. The Plea
9. It Don’t Rain in California
10. Wounded Mind
11. Ramble
12. The Raven and the Dove

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