This Holiday season odds are you're going to do a lot of baking. Might even use some Cornstarch. Here are some unusual ways to use Cornstarch, besides baking. Yes, breathing fire is one of the options.

Via The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube

If you need to clean windows, good news. If you have cornstarch, white vinegar, lemon juice and water, then you're gonna have shiny windows.

If you have kids, old people, or Jamie Garrett living with you, then sooner or later something greasy is going to hit the carpet. Simply poor some cornstarch on the area, let sit for 20 minutes, then vacuum.

Find yourself tied up on knots? Or maybe you have a string that's knotted up. Try sprinkling some cornstarch on it, then untangling it.

Cornstarch is great for helping with sun burns and bug bites.

You can also create face paint with cornstarch. Just mix it with vegetable shortening then mix in food coloring to get different colors.

But the coolest thing you can do with Cornstarch...breath fire. Check out the Slow Mo Guys.