Cops in Lowell, Michigan, made some new friends when they played Santa Cop for a YouTube Video.

Drivers thought Officer Scot VanSolkema was pulling them over for minor traffic infractions.  Wearing a hidden camera and microphone on his shirt, VanSolkema asked drivers what they wanted for the holidays. His microphone picked up their answers, and his colleagues raced around a nearby store to try to track down whatever the drivers mentioned and drive it to the scene. Motorists wound up driving home with toys, an Xbox and a high-definition TV, among many other presents.



Videographer Rob Bliss and the UP TV network got the Lowell Police Department to cooperate. UP TV paid for the presents too, at least $7,000 worth.


The project is part of a greater network campaign called Uplift Someone, which encourages people to perform acts of kindness.


Drivers who didn’t want to share their dream gift ideas with VanSolkema — or simply wanted to get to their destination — were allowed to go on their way, Producers guessed that about 1 out of 3 drivers left before they had the chance to get a present.