I gotta give it to the guy.  Nothing was going to keep him from finishing his beer, not even a dozen or so armed men attacking a man and starting a melee.  I enjoy a good, cold brew as much as the next guy, but I can't imagine the things this Russian man has seen in his days that have made him into a stone-cold bada$$ that casually drinks his beer while madness erupts around him.

Maybe he thought it was a flash mob.  I fully expected to see everyone in black start a synchronized Miley Cyrus twerk-off.  At this point in time I wouldn't be surprised to see this turn out to be a prank by the Russian equivalent of Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmysk Kimmelski, I believe is his name.

If this was an American video, we could probably blame his cavalier attitude on video game violence.  A parenting organization would have already blamed Modern Warfare video games for this incident of being desensitized to violence.  #StopVideoGameViolence would be trending on Twitter.  The voice of Captain Price would come forward saying he's ashamed to have been involved with voicing the character in the game.

I can't get a good look at him, but if he's got all his teeth (it's Russia, so the odds are less than 50/50) he's going to be propelled to the top of Russia's most eligible bachelor list.  Or possibly on the other end of that spectrum is that he doesn't care what kind of noise and violence is going on around him because it still beats getting yelled at by your wife for not bringing home the bacon (or vodka.... or better yet, bacon-flavored vodka).

Whatever the reason, I'm impressed.