Christmas spirit is alive and well in Central Texas!

I got an email on Wednesday of this week from Heather Derosier from Copperas Cove. She wanted to share the amazing story of how the Copperas Cove Copperas Cove Law Enforcement Explorers helped Heather and her daughter experience a little Christmas magic this year.

The best way to give you the background behind the photos above is to share with you the letter from Heather.

Hello. My name is Heather. I called you a little bit ago. About the Copperas Cove Law Enforcement Explorers and The Copperas Cove PD. I wanted to know if not only can you thank them. But if I could go live on air also and give/say a special thank you to them? It would mean the world to me. </p><div> </div><div>A little back round of me and my daughter. </div><div> </div><div>I moved to Cove from California last year in July. My daughter Dixie-Mae took the bus here with nothing but the clothes on our backs. We have been struggling to pay bills. Pay rent. Buy food. Etc. We had been in a 2 bedroom apt until last week when by the grace of God I found a nice little house. But, with me only getting 735 a month and rent and bills totaling almost 900 a month I told my daughter that we can't get a tree this year and Santa might be too busy to come to our home. She and I were at the Christmas tree lighting when we meet officer Bowman and the explorer's team. Dixie-Mae has a heart problem and can suffer from SDS (sudden death syndrome) at any moment as she was telling them this they asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she told them a Christmas tree. They were so moved and touched they came yesterday with lights on and cove PD to not only bring my daughter a tree but set it up and decorated it and one of the officers from cove PD picked her up and let her put the star on top. I've never seen my daughter so happy. I never know if today will be her last. She's only 5 and it kills me not knowing if there will be a tomorrow. One of the Cove explores that came to my home and helped.....was so moved and touched with their program and the PD he told his mom, Anastasia, she and her family also are so moved and touched they are going above and beyond and working with the PD and the explorers program to help get my daughter gifts for Christmas and some furniture for our new home. So I'd like to also give a special Ty to Anastasia and her son as well as officer Bowman, Officer Long Officer Bartlett and entire PD and explorers program for without you my daughter would be sad and going without a Christmas this year.

Christmas spirit is alive and well. How about those Explorers? Heather wanted to pass along extra special thanks to Anastasia Acosta Marbut and her son, and Officer Bowman with Copperas Cove Law Enforcement. We are very thankful to have people like this in the Central Texas community looking out for all of us.

Merry Christmas, Heather, and Dixie-Mae!

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