The Dallas Cowboys are sitting at what I would call an ugly .500 record. But they are still in first place in the NFC East, meaning if the regular season were to end right now then Dallas would be in the playoffs.

I didn't look to see what the Cowboy's official odds are at making the postseason, but I'm going to go with okay to pretty good.

The Eagles are just a loss behind and have a far easier schedule. The other teams they play have a combined win record less than that of Dallas. So, it's no guarantee who will win the NFC East. I put Philadelphia's odds at okay to pretty good.

I'm a Dallas fan, so I want them to go to the post-season, However, I don't think that's the case for everyone who roots for America's team. The reason being a lot of folks want to see Jason Garrett fired.

Every news outlet seems to think it's Super Bowl or bust for the former 'coach of the year'. I don't agree with that, I think two playoff wins or a close loss in the second round grant Garrett another year or two.

Who knows? I could be dead wrong. I'll give my odds at okay to pretty good.



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