Crawfish season may take a little while to get off the ground, but nonetheless it is coming our way! The crazy cold front that hit us earlier this month is the main reason many crawfish are not being trapped and sold to your favorite seafood joint. So right now, it's all about the waiting game. A year ago I was invited to a crawfish boil and I felt like the biggest idiot around. Not only did I not know how to properly eat the crawfish according to my friends I was ill equipped. "You know you're supposed to bring your favorite beer to pair it with your crawfish right?". Apparently beer and wine is a must when eating crawfish. I guess you can say beer and crawfish go hand in claw huh?


So help a sister out, which beers and wines are the best to pair with crawfish? I was told an IPA and a good ole Michelob Ultra are always a safe bet. Do you agree? Do you have any special technique you use to properly eat crawfish?