It happened.

By IT, I mean the talk I never ever wanted to have with my boyfriend.

First let me back track and tell you about my evening. I was driving to grab dinner with a friend and my boyfriend was in the car behind me. He was headed off out of town and he saw me pull over. He pulled over and I instantly saw his face of disapproval when I held up the cutest puppy and showed him what I found.

This sweet puppy was hanging out in front of the feed store and way too close to the busy highway. I knew that if I drove off, I would find him dead on the side of the road in a matter of hours. T

he puppy had been out by himself for some time, and his skinny body and huge ears were hard to ignore. No collar, and no chip. What do I do with this puppy?

I couldn't just bring him home because my apartment is at a max capacity with a Boxer and a Shorkie.

My boyfriend has told me several times when we buy a home and have a big backyard we can save all the dogs, but until then, we are maxed out. Someone has to have reason in our relationship I guess.

We had the "Krystal you need to quit pulling over and trying to save all the animals, your apartment isn't a rescue organization." talk. I almost teared up, because I didn't want to admit he was right.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

There I sat, in my car, with cancelled dinner plans and nowhere to take the dog for the night. After a couple of phone calls, my friend Jo Claire agreed to take him for the night and I called a friend to see if we could team up for "one more" save.

My friend Heather Martin Davis has saved countless dogs and networks to find homes for dogs and cats. It looks like this crazy dog lady just saved another one!

Thank you to Rebecca our Office Manager for fostering this little guy until we can find his forever home.

My boyfriend was right about a lot. However, he forgot to add that when several dog lovers come together miracles happen. Thanks to 4 bad ass dog loving ladies teaming up, we saved a life. Team crazy dog lady for forever!

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