We all get a little mad in the Lone Star State, it's ok to admit it.

We mean to say that, sometimes, anything could make you a little steamed. We've all had someone cut us off while driving, or not use a blinker. Somebody at work could be giving you a lot of grief for a mistake perhaps?

We even get so mad to a point that you yell, or that an argument might be had. A lot of words will be probably said, but there's one type of word some may hear that will turn heads.

Wouldn't you know it, Texas happens to be at the top of list of usage of words.

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Texas Likes To...Use, Some Would Say, Colorful Language

So, it seems like Texans like to well...curse! We've all said one or two words that some might raise the eyebrows. But...how often do Texans truly curse?

Is there data out there that we could use to determine where the Lone Star State ranks? Well, yes. Yes there is.

Where Does Texas Rank In Terms Of Cursing?

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Bonusfinder took to Reddit to examine posts in state subreddits. After looking at 691 posts on the webiste, Bonusfinder found 4,743 curses used in the posts. That, according to Bonusfinder, averaged out to 6.9 curses on every post.

Where did that place Texas on the list for cursing?

Number One In The Nation!

Yes, you read that right, Texas is number one state for cursing, as Bonusfinder placed us at the top. In second was Ohio, with a 6.7 average.

So it looks like Texas, we might need to take deep breath before talking right?

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