I've always complained that dads don't get the due we deserve. We hear once a week about how being a mom is the toughest job in the world. I'm calling B.S. How is that dads essentially do the same job as moms in the 21st century, yet we're still portrayed as the bumbling, stumbling buffoons that are only good for killing spiders and mowing the lawn?

Even Mother's Day is rigged in favor of moms.  Mother's Day comes in early May when the kids are still in school. Not only are the still in school, they're at the end of the school year when there's not a lot going on. That leaves a lot of time for arts & crafts.  Moms are overwhelmed with crappy keepsakes made with love before recess at school.

Father's Day comes in June.  The kids are out of school. In my case, the kids are actually out of town by the time Father's Day gets here.  That means nothing to say, "Thanks, dad". Can you imagine if mom got nothing more than a card and a tacky neck tie for Mother's Day.

For all these reasons, and more, I feel dads get hosed.  That's exactly why I so pumped up to see this video.  Consider it an ode to fatherhood. It sums up what life is like as a father. The fashion is also spot-on.