Rapping parents... it's a thing.  We first saw the dads rapping over a grill in the backyard.  Now, moms have answered with a pregnancy rap.  Who raps it better?

It may be Father's Day week, but thanks to that obnoxious new song, "Fancy" (that I'm glad to say you'll never hear on ANY of my radio station), the moms aren't being left out.  I'm amazed at the creativity.  I'm amazed at the production value.  I'm amazed they have the free time to accomplish this.  I wouldn't have made it past the idea stage because I have kids that don't cooperate with my hobby-time.

Who raps it better?  The grilling dads?  Or the pregnant rappers?


First, the classic dad-rap, "Dad Life"



Next, the pregnant rappers with "I'm So Pregnant"