There's one sport in Texas that reigns supreme, and we all know what it is: Football. We've all seen how the state loves the gridiron. I mean, just look at this proposed football stadium in Prosper, Texas!

But there's a team in the Lone Star State the entire nation knows. After all, they are America's team! We are of course talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

Their accolades are well known to many, and wherever you go in the state or the USA, you're bound to see that famous star anywhere. While it's been a long while since the team has made it to the big game, they've gotten closer and close each year.

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But, the team is looking great this year, and one couple may be the reason. How so? Well, it may be because of one thing.

One Wife's Amazon Purchase, And Subsequent Luck

Our story begins before the season gets underway, as Leslee Marler made a surprise decision to buy a very familiar uniform to surprise her husband. The initial reaction was posted to Tik Tok:

Look, we all can admit this is just too cute right? But here's the thing, there was a side effect that nobody saw coming. The Cowboys stepped all over the Giants 40-0. Which in turn caused the husband, Cody Marler, to post a response on Tik Tok:

So, the hypothesis was this: The team only won when she was in the costume. But how do you prove that? Well...

The Cowboys lost to the Cardinals, when she was in standard Cowboys fan gear. So it was time to test the hypothesis. The results?

Texas, the magic ingredient to the Cowboys success may have been found. Looks like Ms. Marler may have to be wearing the uniform for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders the rest of the season!

Also, I agree that the couple needs to go to a game. But if the wife must go in the cheerleading outfit, it's only fair the husband wears a full uniform too right?

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