With Thanksgiving this week let's talk about my favorite Thanksgiving tradition...the Dallas Cowboys.

Since 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving day. Actually, that's not true. In 1975 and 1977 the NFL switched it to the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, St. Louis had a baseball team AND a football team called the Cardinals. The Cardinals got destroyed in both games and requested to opt out of the Thanksgiving match up every year. Dallas has had it every year since 1978 with the Detroit Lions.

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Someone in the late 90's realized that in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day, EVERYONE is watching the Cowboys game. For instance last season, throwing out all the playoff games, the most watched game in the NFL was the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game. 40.8 million people tuned into that game, the next closest game was also a Cowboys game. Much less people tuned into that one, 28.7 million people tuned into the Chiefs game against the Cowboys.


So with millions of people tuned into these games, someone said let's do a big halftime show just like they do for the Super Bowl. Since 1997, the Dallas Cowboys have a had a lot of different names take the spotlight on the Star during Thanksgiving. While the vast majority are country and pop stars. A few rock bands got a chance throughout the years.

I have attended every Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game since 2007 (minus 2020, screw you Covid). My favorite performance was honestly Kelly Clarkson in my first year living in Texas. My least favorite...Kenny Chesney. That is probably due to fact of RG3 destroying the Cowboys in the game and not so much him.

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