Driving in Texas always brings us new experiences in the state.

Somebody doesn't use a blinker, you hear some choice language, and traffic just always happens to be annoying to deal with. It's simply Texas personified isn't it? All these personalities on a stretch of pavement.

We've unfortunately seen some people having to pull over to fix a flat tire, or to address a light that popped up on the dashboard. But instead of discussing something like that today, we'll stay on the road. We're all guilty of people watching while driving aren't we?

Well, one video taken in Dallas, Texas has certainly turned heads, but this time not for the driving of the individual.

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What Is Going On Inside This Car In Dallas?

One video recently captured in the Lone Star State certainly has turned some heads and raised some eyebrows:

To say the least, we have a lot of questions about what lead to the this video we've seen. Was there a fight going on inside the car? What was said that lead to the situation occurring?

Most of all, do the people in the car know each other or was this a situation where more was going on than we know just from the clip shown. To say this a little strange was putting it lightly. At the time of writing, there hasn't been much in terms of details.

If anything is revealed in regards to this, we'll report more details when they're revealed.

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