Do you dislike people? Would you rather stay in your house with the shades drawn tight than brave the possibility of human interaction?  Does the very thought of seeing sunlight send you into a panic attack? Then you may indeed be in the right place.

According to home-finding website, Dallas and Austin are in the top 10 of American cities for hermits, or people who are not very socially active and would prefer to be homebodies.  Austin came in number two behind Chicago, and Dallas came in number six in the top list of cities most conducive to living alone… Really alone.

Here's the criteria is stately used:

  • Affordability of housing (price per square foot to buy a home)
  • Internet speeds (Ookla Net Index)
  • The percentage of the city’s workers who work from home (U.S. Census)
  • Variety of food delivery options, specific total number of restaurants offering delivery on GrubHub)
  • Total number of national alcohol delivery companies operating.  And by deliver they mean to the store, not to your house.  If only!

We know why Austin's on the list. Keep Austin weird. We get it, you're the cool kids.

Dallas remains a mystery. People don't socialize as much?  Maybe it's because the place is so flung out from one side to another.

Regardless, Temple doesn't seem to be antisocial.  It's hard to be a hermit in the small town. Thank goodness.