Danielle Bradbery, reigning champion of 'The Voice,' performed her first single 'The Heart of Dixie' this week on the stage where it all began. 

The Texas-raised gal was still her gorgeous self when she hit our TV screens on Tuesday (Oct. 8), but with a more sophisticated edge since officially becoming a country artist. Wearing tight white jeans that showed off her slim legs, a strapless sparkly shirt and her hair shining, her performance was flawless as she kicked around gleaming silver balloons and walked across the stage. Bradbery literally dazzled, accompanied by her honey-smooth vocals.

Blake Shelton looked mighty proud of his contestant -- was shown bobbing his head and swaying to the undeniably catchy beat of the song, singing every word with her.

Bradbery had a wide grin at the end of her performance and said, "It's great to be here!" Host Carson Daly pointed out Shelton's standing ovation, pumping the air with his fist. The young star admitted that it was different to sing her own song this time, saying, "It felt weird but awesome at the same time."

Although there has been a lot happening since Bradbery's win, the sweet singer seems to be handling fame well. With a new music video, an upcoming release date for her debut album and even a future television stint, it's a lot for someone who only recently turned 17.

"It's been a crazy wild journey; it's come really fast," she says, "But I'm taking everything in one step at a time, and it's been amazing."

She also had a little advice for the current contestants, advising, "Just go out there and be yourself. Have fun and trust your coaches."

Bradbery truly had a stellar coach in Shelton, but her vocal aptitude is what helped her clinch 'The Voice' title. We can't wait to hear more tunes and see more performances from this talented teen!