Hey Gang,

Wedding Season is fast approaching.  I've been to a few in my day, never as a Groom, (Praise Jesus), and never as a Bride (Thank God).  A few things I've noticed...The thing at the end; :You may kiss the Bride"; you really should keep that in mind.  KISS, keep it simple stupid.  The more elaborate, the bigger the chance for disaster.  Ask an actor; two things they don't like working with, kids and animals.  And yet, these are the things young couples love to insert into the biggest day of their lives.

I'm not superstitious, knock on wood, but I think the whole idea of "children" in the wedding party is to focus the chaos.  If something has to go wrong, let be the kids that cry and make a fuss.  Better them than the Bride.

Of course, if you do make it down the aisle without any mishaps, you still have to have the kids stand still for the length of the ceremony, lord knows what could happen...

Then you add in the animal factor, lets say, having the wedding party arrive via horse,  well, let the disaster begin!

Something to keep in mind if you're planning a wedding for this summer.  Kiss away. And if you need some help on the planning, check out seize the deal.