While the scenery is breathtaking, the Devil's Backbone, located between the towns of Wimberly and Blanco, Texas is also described as the most haunted stretch of highway in the state.

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The winding 51-mile route along Texas Farm Roads 12, 165, 2325, 32, and U.S. Highway 281 is made up of deep valleys, bordered by limestone cliffs and surrounded by spectacular views.

History of The Devil's Backbone

Along with its picture-perfect Hill Country views, the Devil’s Backbone has a violent, bloody history, according to texashillcountry.com. Native American tribes once lived on the land, considering it sacred, before it became the scene of Civil War battles, unsolved mysteries, and many tragic accidents.

According to Texas Monthly, the Indians and soldiers never left. There are many reports of unexplained lights, weird visions, and the feeling of being followed from those who hike, hunt, and camp in the area.

One story from a foreman at an area ranch is chilling.

Texashillcountry.com relates that the man heard horses running by his cabin. When he went outside, he saw at least twenty men on horseback that looked like Confederate soldiers. He claimed the pounding of hooves was loud enough to shake his walls.

Devil's Backbone Tavern

The Devil's Backbone Tavern sits on the site of an ancient Indian campground, so it's not surprising that the building is also a spot for frequent paranormal encounters. The watering hole was originally built on Ranch Road 32 as a blacksmith’s shop and stagecoach stop in the 1890's, according to the tavern's website.

Tavern regulars report seeing weird shadows and a ghostly woman on the road nearby, carrying a baby and calling for her husband.

Little Girl Lost

Perhaps one of the most disturbing stories is a more recent tale. In 2012, a Texas family contacted paranormal investigators about their son's conversations with a little girl who had a "hole in her head", according to Unsolved Mysteries.

The child, thought to be a young girl from the 1800's, was apparently murdered while living on a ranch in The Devil’s Backbone. When investigators recorded what they believed to be her voice, she said she enjoyed playing with the family’s cat.

If you're in the mood for a spooky road trip, just make sure you're also ready for some company. From what we hear, the Devil's Backbone can get pretty crowded at night.

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