Aspiring star Devin Velez sang Carrie Underwood's 'Temporary Home' on 'American Idol' on Wednesday night (March 13), turning in a rendition that had the judges questioning his song choice.

Velez said he chose the tune because although he's not a country singer, he wanted to show that he can stretch, and he can relate to the message of the song because he grew up in a single parent home. "I love Carrie Underwood -- I think she's as original as it gets," he said. "She stayed true to herself."

He delivered the song in a soft voice at first, then built into more power as he progressed. He was strong in the lower register, and stayed very well in tune, but ultimately it was a somewhat low-energy version of the song that didn't really move the ball forward for Velez.

Keith Urban didn't mince words. "My feeling is that that was not one of your better performances," he said, adding that he put it down to the song choice.

Nicki Minaj couldn't have disagreed more. "That is so crazy!" she exclaimed, saying her opinion was "the complete opposite . . . to me, this is you."

Randy Jackson said, "I thought it was way too safe," adding that he felt everyone was under-performing. He reminded them that even though they had made it to the final ten, it was "still a competition."

Velez will find out his fate on the results show on Thursday night (March 14).