Texas has a long history of being first at many things. In addition to being the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, Fritos, Chili, and lots more, here's a few Texas "firsts" you may not have known about.

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    First Frozen Margarita - Dallas, Texas

    The first frozen margarita was invented in Dallas in 1971. A soft serve ice cream machine was used for the making of the first batch. That machine now sits in the Smithsonian National Museum of History.

    Wolfgang Kaehler
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    The name "Superbowl" was first used in Texas

    The term Superbowl dates back to 1966. The big game is always 5 months after Labor Day!

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    The Microchip was invented in Texas

    Jack Kirby and the company Texas Instruments first developed the microchip in the late 1950's. Their first customer was the US Air Force.

    NISEnet via youtube
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    First State with a domed sports arena

    Construction on the stadium began in 1962, and it officially opened in 1965. It served as the second home to the Houston Astros from its opening in 1965 until 1999, and the home to the Houston Oilers from 1968 until 1996.

    Dallas Morning News via youtube
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    First 7-11 in the USA opened in Texas

    In 1927, Southland Ice Company employee John Jefferson Green opened one of 16 ice house storefronts in Dallas. Next time your cooling off with a Slurpee, thank Texas!

    geobeats via youtube