Our Pet of the Week is one of those Gentle Giants, Diesel, an 8 year old Mastiff- Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. 

Pet of the Week Diesel
Diesel and Dave/Photo Courtesy Julia Conner


Yep, he is a big one. Diesel weighs about 100 pounds and he’s about 2 feet tall in his stocking feet.


He doesn’t even look menacing does he?  That is because Diesel is a sweetheart.  He gets along well with all things human from kids to adults.


Pet of the week Diesel big dog
Big and Friendly Diesel/Photo Courtesy Julia Conner

Diesel is neutered, he is housebroken, leash trained and he’ll sit still for a ride in the car. He even knows a few commands like sit and wait. .Diesel loves it when you pet him. He would make a great family dog.


Stop by the Temple Animal Shelter (620 Mama Dog Circle), and see Diesel. Bring your other dogs, (if you have em), and the kids, (if you have em), so you can see how everybody gets along. If you need a smaller dog, the animal shelter has those too. They also have plenty of cats.


You can always adopt closer to your home.  Check out Rescue Magazine for shelters and animal adoption facilities in your area.



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