Officer Hetzel brought a Ball of Energy in to see us this week.  Her name is Ginger and she was one enthusiastic dog!


Pet of the Week Ginger CU
Ginger likes to keep tabs on everything!/Photo by Julia Conner


Ginger would be the perfect pet for a houseful of kids who love to play. This Rat Terrier mix is spayed, housebroken, and leash trained.  Ginger is 4 years old and only weighs about 12 pounds. She won't get any bigger unless you overfeed her. She has so much energy she would likely burn it off easily. While Ginger is happy to run and play, she really likes being cuddled too. Ginger gets along well with other dogs and people of all ages.


Pet of the Week Rat terrier
She looks ready for anything/Photo by Julia Conner


If you would like to adopt Ginger stop by the Temple Animal Shelter, 620 Mama Dog Circle, near the corner of Avenue H and 31st street.  They have two play yards so you and your family can interact with Ginger and see if she is the right fit for you. Bring your other dogs too. You can also find adoptable animals in your city through Rescue Magazine.


Officer Hetzel reminds us to take care of those outside pets this summer. Make sure they have plenty of water and some shelter.  He says dogs can get sunburned!  Get your dog a kiddie pool, they love that!  (It will keep them out of the Bird Bath!)


Dog in Bird Bath
Groucho Likes the Bird Bath when there is no pool around/Photo by Julia Conner



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