The Marvel vs. DC dynamic has always been an interesting one, and it got a lot more interesting when 'Batman vs. Superman' plopped down on May 16, 2016, a release date already claimed by Marvel for 'Captain America 3.' Which one would blink first and move out of the way?

To this point, both sides have remained steadfast (Marvel president Kevin Feige recently said, "We’re certainly keeping the date"), but there might be some cracks in the veneer as Disney Chairman Alan Horn admits they're "struggling" with the decision about whether or not to movie 'Captain America 3' out of the way of the 'Batman vs. Superman' juggernaut.

Horn spoke to reporters on a Disney conference call and dropped an honest assessment of the release date drama:

What's interesting is that this comment comes after 'Captain America 2' proved to be a bigger hit than either Marvel or Disney imagined. You would think Disney would be even more emboldened by the film's success, but perhaps they're looking further ahead with the feeling that 'Captain America 3' could be a $1 billion blockbuster...if only it avoided 'Batman vs. Superman.'

But, on the other side of the spectrum, we've heard word that Marvel's success with 'Captain America 2' has made Warner Bros. nervous and, they too, are thinking of moving off the May 16 date by a week or so. Both sides seem to agree that there isn't enough room on May 16, 2016 for both of these movies, it's just a question of who will be the first to back off in this high-profile game of chicken.

What's also interesting is that Feige, as judged by his comments above, clearly does not want to move and does not want to cede victory to Team DC. This could be one of the first time Disney exerts their will over Marvel and one has to wonder how much power Marvel has to be able to fight back.

What do you think? Who should move off the date, and why?