Ever wonder which celebrities had beef with eachother on set? Check out which celebrities have vowed to never work together again!

via Getty Images/Imeh Akpanudosen
via Getty Images/Imeh Akpanudosen


Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty: Reportedly, Shannen was fired from "Charmed" because of her bad attitude.  


Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte:  Julia called Nick "completely disgusting," back in '94 while filming I Love Trouble


William Baldwin and Sharon Stone:  The duo's real-life chemistry was so bad in Silver that she bit his tongue so hard he couldn't talk right for days. 


Bill Murray and Lucy Liu:  The two fought after Bill reportedly called out Lucy's acting skills on Charlie's Angels. Maybe that's why he didn't come back for the sequel.


 James Franco and Tyrese:  Tyrese couldn't stand James' method acting during "Annapolis". Apparently, Franco would actually hit him for real during their boxing scenes.


 Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj:  One word: Divas. The two butted heads constantly on American Idol.


 Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin:  The two were supposed to do a play together, but Shia was fired before rehearsals ended.


Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera:  Lindsay was supposed to do six episodes on Ugly Betty, but it was cut to four, due to the off screen baggage.


LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx:  During the filming of "Any Given Sunday", LL  kept hitting Jamie even after the director yelled cut on a fight scene.  So Jamie called the cops on him.  They later reconciled.

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