Most of my friends who are nurses swear by it. The full moon makes people act crazy! Last night my dog was super vocal. Yes my Shorkie talks, it's more of a growl and moan but she will respond and talk to you get your attention. Last night she wouldn't stop barking and talking. It was odd, we went for a quick drive to pick up some wine and snacks when there it was, A FULL BEAUTIFUL MOON! Olive my dog was acting weird because of the full moon right?

James Rotton a psychologist at Florida International University teamed up with Roger Culver an astronomer at Colorado State University and University of Saskatchewan psychologist Ivan W. Kelly to finally debunk the myth that the Moon affects human and animal behavior. If you were to ask the Scientific American, the Moon does NOT affect human behavior. The three researchers "searched far and wide for any consistent behavioral effects of the full moon."  according to the Scientific American, and "In all cases, they have come up empty-handed. By combining the results of multiple studies and treating them as though they were one huge study—a statistical procedure called  meta-analysis—they have found that full moons are entirely unrelated to a host of events, including crimes, suicides, psychiatric problems and crisis center calls."

Do you still believe that the moon affects human behavior and animal behavior? Have you ever had first hand experience with it? Vote and comment below!

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