Two suspects were on the run Friday after trying to steal a car left unlocked and running outside of a Killeen convenience store.

KWTX's Kathleen Serie tells us it happened just after 12 AM Friday at the Valero located in the 1000 block of W. Stan Schlueter Loop.

The victim told police he left the car running as he entered the store. When he exited, he saw two men in the vehicle. He reached into the car to stop the men taking off with it, but the driver hit the gas. The vehicle crashed into a fence on the property, and the two suspects fled on foot.

The victim sustained minor injuries. Police have not released detailed descriptions of the suspects.

While it may seem convenient to leave your car running if you'll just be inside for a moment, it's not worth losing your car. Even if it's within your line of sight, thieves can quickly jump into it and take off before you can react. It's just not worth it.

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