We've seen a lot of emotional dog reunion videos, but this one involving a dog lost in the desert following a devastating car crash is one of the most powerful yet.

On June 1, Rose Sharman was driving between Flagstaff and Phoenix Arizona when a tire blew on her RV and flipped.  She had her two dogs along for the ride.  One was killed in the accident, the other got spooked and ran off into the desert.

Rose was injured in the accident, and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since, leaving her unable to search for her pet.  Her community heard about the situation and hundreds of volunteers formed search parties and have been looking for the dog ever since.  It took 65 days but they finally found Rose's dog Ily.

Ily was about 25 pounds lighter after her time in the desert, but one of the reasons she survived was because she teamed up with another stray dog.  The search party was able to rescue that dog as well, and a local animal shelter was able to reunite it with it's owner as well.