Entertainment Weekly convinced three of Downtown Abbey's actresses to play a round of Cards Against Humanity, and it's truly awesome sauce.

Laura Carmichael who plays the middle Crawley daughter, Lady Edith, is up against two formidable opponents from the downstairs staff. Lesley Nichol brings life to the cantankerous cook, Mrs. Patmore, and Phyllis Logan who portrays the head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes, play a round of the raunchy game to humorous effect.

Watching these women, who we normally see all prim and proper talk of 'farting and walking away,' and 'bitch slapping,' is highly entertaining.

The Ladies of 'Downton Abbey' Play 'Cards Against Humanity' [NSFW]

Downton Abbey's Season 5 premiere last Sunday garnered more 10 million viewers, nearly breaking the record that they Set with season 4. Episode 2 of Season 5 airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on PBS' Masterpiece Classic.