Everyone's favorite Downton Abbey villain, Thomas Barrow played by Rob James-Collier, is looking for support as he gets ready to run the London Marathon in an effort to raise funds for children with MS.

Downton Abbey is easily one of my favorite shows, and the character of Thomas Barrows has been one of the most dynamic on the show. He shows moments of chivalry, but more often he's creating trouble in order to serve himself.

Known as the show's 'Evil Butler,' actor Rob James-Collier has created a website to help him raise funds as prepares to run the London Marathon for Chriltrens Centre MS. He has also created a couple of short films that he calls 'Downtown Wars,' offering the first film up for free, but waiting until he meets his financial goal before he releases the second.

The first film titled, 'Episode 1- the Phantom Valet' is available below. In his pre-roll, he explains that he filmed it on his phone, and it's got two things in it you'll love, 'people from Downton and light sabers'.

'Downton Wars 2: The Evil Butler Strikes Back' will be released when he reaches his goal of 10,000 British Pounds.