Depending on who you ask, Tim McGraw, Billy Currington & Chase Bryant are either playing a benefit aiming to keep alive the memory of those killed during the Sandy Hook school shootings, or the trio will be the soundtrack playing while we're dragged from our homes and ridded of our weaponry.

It didn't take long for activists on both sides of the gun control/gun rights debate to fire up the propaganda machines and churn out thoughts and opinions on the concert, benefitting the Sandy Hook Promise, scheduled for July 17th in Hartford.

There are those that consider someone's commitment to a father that lost a child to a madman with a gun more like a victory than it should be.  A "We got one of theirs" mentality permeated from sites across the web.  Tim McGraw's participation is something in which he's got a personal stake through friendship.  It's not just a gig.  That hasn't stopped the criticism to flow fast and furious.

It doesn't take long for gun rights activists to turn on their own.  Until news of this concert broke, Tim McGraw was the all-American man.  24 hours later he's a pinko commie that is nothing more than a plane ticket away from joining ISIS.  It seems that the 2nd amendment is the ultimate black or white issue.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM

It's got to be Tim McGraw's obvious underground work as an Obama gun-collector working from the inside to rid the country music crowd of their guns.  It can't be that Tim McGraw has a heart.  It can't be that Tim McGraw met and became friends with the father of one of the students slain in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  It can't be Tim McGraw's wish to honor those slain.  It immediately comes down to Tim McGraw being a traitor whose CDs must be burned, as if that's got some big impact in Tim McGraw's world.

I get that it's a very passionate issue.  After only a handful of paragraphs I'm sure I'm already on somebody's ever-growing list of girly-men that must be silenced.  It must be terrible to live in a world that's so black and white.  There's a certain peace that comes over you once you give in to the grey in the middle.  Not everything is either/or.  You can love America, the 2nd Amendment, country music AND the views of others.

Tim McGraw is the same man's man he was at this time last week.  The gun rights crowd is just now picking up on it.  McGraw considers himself a democrat that's offered words of praise to our commander-in-chief, Barack Obama.  The fact that's he's flown under the radar this long is amazing.  Whether this is the tipping point or not, that's left to be determined.  Something tells me that those of us living in the grey area of life will still throw some love his way.

Someone that can make a conscious decision to UNlike a song or artist because of the sudden realization that the person isn't EXACTLY 100% on your side on EVERYTHING you believe is spending too much time living in fear and not enough time living their life.

Has this changed your mind on the three artists scheduled to play this benefit?  Will you now use Tim McGraw CDs for target practice?