Katonna Loibl and the gang at DR Horton in Temple know how to do it right.  Teamwork always works best, and that's exactly what the gang at DR Horton does.

Photo Credit Jamie Garrett

Katonna and the rest of the DR Horton crew have won their fair share of goodies, including concert tickets  and Monster X Tour tickets.  Today, however, we made the entire office winners by bringing Schlotzky's for Free Lunch Friday.

It sounded like a party when I walked into the office.  Ozzy was blaring on the speakers.  People were laughing and smiling.  It's almost like I was walking into Bizarro-World.  Nobody has happy employees anymore, do they?

The party only got louder as I made my entrance with Schlotzky's in-hand.  Thanks to Katonna and the gang at DR Horton for filling my inbox each day with votes for the Top 5 at 5.  We love you, ladies!!