Today I learned Dr. Phil played college football and I also learned he got the crap kicked out of him in a game.

Imagine This Guy at Middle Linebacker

Dr. Phil McGraw Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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^I want you to imagine this guy in a helmet and shoulder pads attempting to tackle a running back. I just can't picture that in my head. I just think of Dr. Phil as the guy telling teen kids how stupid they're for doing some of the things that they do. Now here in Wichita Falls, we know Dr. Phil graduated from Midwestern State University. However, did you know that is not where he started his college career?

Middle Linebacker for the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

NCAA Football - Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl - Tulsa vs Utah - December 23, 2006
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Before transferring to Midwestern State University, back in 1968 Phil McGraw earned a scholarship to play football at Tulsa. He played middle linebacker and tight end. He only played the one year on the team, but Dr. Phil is immortalized in NCAA history for playing in one of the biggest blowouts in College Football.

November 23, 1968 Tulsa VS Houston

The Houston Cougars were playing inside of the Astrodome for the game, which at the time was only three years old and was considered one of the best venues in the world. Everyone who went to this game saw Dr. Phil and his Tulsa Golden Hurricanes get the absolute crap beat out of them.

Final Score 100 to 6

That's right, a team put up triple digits in a college football game. So was Tulsa that bad? Not...really. According to reports, everyone on the team had the flu. Maybe having someone like Michael Jordan having the flu is not that big of a deal, but when every member of the team has it. That's a different story.

Dr Phil on the Infamous Blowout

Looks like a bunch of people learned about this when Dr. Phil went on David Letterman back on the day. I cannot find a video of the interview, but here is a transcript of the interview from Grantland.

DR. PHIL: Well, I was a middle linebacker, and a tight end, and just kinda any — I mean, at halftime I was lookin’ out the ear hole of my helmet, so I don’t know where I was playin’.


DAVE: So you helped out on that defensive effort.


DR. PHIL: Boy, I shut ’em down, I tell ya. Nobody breaks a hundred on me

It was 24 to 0 at half. Tulsa somehow scored a touchdown in the third quarter (missing the extra point) then Houston scored 76 unanswered points. You can get a full breakdown of the game here. It's crazy to even think about having 100 points scored on you in football. It almost seems impossible, but the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes with Dr. Phil proved that anything is possible.

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