Bell County Comic Con is simply an event you can't miss in Central Texas. It is two days of art, entertainment, and most importantly, fun. Walking around the event and seeing so many vendors and cosplays is an experience we can't put into words.

One of the biggest draws of the event is, of course, the guests that come to Bell County. We've had some great ones come here, and many Texans have had a chance to ask their heroes questions.

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But there are a lot of individuals in Texas, and they've all got their favorite celebrity or voice actor. So we sat down and got to thinking about potential guests that would bring people to see them live and in person.

Let's not waste any time shall we? Here's a few celebrities that we think Bell County Comic Con should bring to our great state of Texas!

Who's Next? These Are Dream Guests We'd Like At Bell County Comic Con

The Bell County Comic Con always has always brought fantastic guests to Central Texas. But who do we want most to appear? Here's a few suggestions.

Well that's who we believe should come visit. But did we miss any? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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