Let's be real for a moment Texas: driving a car drunk in the state is never a good idea.

When one decides to do so in the Lone Star State, they are putting many at risk. The driver could cause an accident and only harm themselves, or potentially harm many others. Safe to say, one should avoid doing so.

Sadly, some decide to drink and drive various other vehicles other than cars. Some even may to drive a boat while drinking. Is that the best idea?

Well, before you think you can do so, think again!

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Drinking And Driving A Boat In Texas

Tamme Taylor/Townsquare Media
Tamme Taylor/Townsquare Media

Of course, drinking and driving a boat in the state of Texas is absolutely illegal. As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there are certain consequences one will face. What they are depends on the amount of times one is caught.

The Star-Telegram reports penalties could including a fine that could be $2,000, suspension of one's boating/driving license, or possibly jail time.

If one who is under the influence causes an accident while driving, the punishments could be harsher on the person.

Now, passengers onboard the watercraft are indeed allowed to have alcohol and be drinking it. But the Star-Telegram reports said alcoholic beverages should not be near the driver in any way, shape or form.

So the best you can do behind the wheel of any vehicle? Don't drink and drive in the state of Texas!

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